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The Hufflepuff Blazon

A blazon is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition as:
bla·zon   (bl ´ zn)
tr.v. bla·zoned, bla·zon·ing, bla·zons
  1. 1. Heraldry.
    a. To describe (a coat of arms) in proper terms.
    b. To paint or depict (a coat of arms) with accurate detail.

    2. To adorn or embellish with or as if with a coat of arms: “the stars and moons and suns blazoned on that sacred wall” (G.K. Chesterton).

    3. To proclaim widely.

    As Hufflepuffs we do not have on our crest a bird that can fly in the air, above all obstacles, nor a snake that can slither through them, nor a lion that can roar and make then disappear. We have a badger, our mascot, an animal that is tough, hardworking and has been described in detail in another segment of this site.

    The details of the crest differ, depending on if you are looking at the ones drawn in the book, or the ones in the movie. But in either case there are similarities, the badger ever watchful, the name of our house and our wonderful colours. These two images represent the main two depictions of our crest, our blazon.

    The Badger is watchful, observing, as if to make sure all is alright and okay, that friends are not hurt. In the crest he is protected, but yet protects others. A fact unique to our crest, with the Gryffindor Lion, the lion is roaring, declaring. With the Slytherin Snake, the snake is coiled, prepared, in waiting. The Ravenclaw Eagle is pouncing, grabbing a hold of something, opportunity, knowledge. In the Hufflepuffs crest, the badger is protectively watchful. We are loyal, we are true, and our mascot watches over us.

    Our colours, Yellow and Black, are contrasting yet they calm. The meanings they have are many, black contains all colours, and so in a way also all their meanings. The courage of red, the wisdom of blue, the success of green. All are there. It is not a negative colour, though many believe it needs to be balanced. Which is done by the yellow. Yellow represents communication, intellect, confidence, inspiration, happiness and faith. It is an uplifting colour, a reminder and celebration of sunny days.

    These two colours, together, represent who we are. We are not the rejects that many perceive us as. We are not stupid, nor cowards with no dreams or aspirations. We have many qualities to us, but most of all we are Hufflepuffs, we are loyal and true. There could be no better two colours to show this, and our crest that symbolises us to the world incorporate these.

    Our crest, our blazon, is a combination of things that make us uniquely us, uniquely Hufflepuff, and it couldn’t be better.

    by neth_dugan