sorting hat





Hufflepuffs are honest and straightforward, to the
point of being overly blunt. We have little
tolerance for white lies or flirtatious games.  For this
reason we are sometimes seen as lacking social grace.  We
are down-to-Earth and realistic.  We can daydream
with the rest of them, but when it comes to getting things
done we are practical and we value the
pragmatic over the fanciful.

That said, we tend to be optimists.  We are quite
positive! This ties in to our faith in
and our patience. Even when depressed we
know that there is good in the world and that if we stick
it out, things will look up.  This is what makes us
resilient and emotionally strong.We're also
sensitive and empathetic.  Partly this is because
we're people people.  We get along well with others
and we value the relationships in our lives above material
things and above our own ends.

This ties in with our sense of justice.  People tend
to think of justice as it applies to negative things, such
as punishment and revenge, but overlook the positive
implications.  We, as Hufflepuffs, have a strong sense of
fairness.  We believe that everyone deserves an equal
chance and try to treat everyone fairly, even strangers.
As the sorting hat said in OotP, Said Hufflepuff, "I'll
teach the lot, And treat them just the same."
  This is
what makes us such loyal friends and what fuels our
compassion for others.  Also, Hufflepuffs tend to be
good losers with a strong sense of
sportsmanship. This also stems from our sense of
justice, since we believe that whoever won probably
deserved it and good for them!  We find it easy to be happy
for others.

Hufflepuffs, in short, are the best friends you'll ever
have.  We are strong, loyal, loving, and willing to do
anything for those we care for.